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Shelley Keeven

St. Louis
My clinical experience has centered around helping women learn to accept and give away the gracious love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in the midst of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, PTSD, and abuse. Counseling is a road we travel together on. It is a road filled with curves and sharp angles. At times it’s winding and messy. It is also filled with expansive horizons, beautiful scenery and wide-open spaces of curiosity and delight. The counseling path is full of hope. I am glad to take this journey with you to discover more of who you are and where your story of light and darkness has brought you. We will work together, with you directing where you want to go. I do not think of myself as being above you or having it all together or even having all the answers. People describe me as inviting, warm, kind and patient. In our sessions, we will use curiosity, questions, insights, discovery, and techniques that I’ve learned. My goal is to help you explore the questions and find the answers you are seeking. I enjoy listening to everything you bring to the session. I believe that wrestling with questions about your story is worth exploring; we can go anywhere. Your tears are welcomed, the hard questions, your anger, sadness, depression, traumas, anxiety, and fears……all of these are so valuable to me and good for your heart to realize. I believe that God is with us in this journey together. Your story and your heart are gifts that you bring to counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Missouri. The techniques I use are a combination of Narrative Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy, Brainspotting Therapy and Splankna Therapy. I have been practicing since 2002. I am a Christian counselor and believe that God cares about what has happened to you and He wants to help you find freedom.
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Monarch Christian Counseling
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Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Master Splankna Practitioner and Certified Brainspotting Practitioner
I specialize in helping adult women find restoration from trauma, PTSD, abuse, anxiety, and depression. I use relationship attunement and counseling techniques that integrate mind, body, and spirit to overcome barriers to living fully alive..
Licensed Professional Counselor, Brainspotting
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