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Renee Gould

Hi there! I have a deep passion for Splankna, as I feel it saved my life in my late twenties. After a few years of pretty steady counseling; I felt happy, whole, and so close to Jesus. Nothing I had felt before! I never dreamed I would find myself doing Splankna training many years after it changed me, but God had a plan. So, today I am helping all kinds of people with the very same therapy that helped me. (And honestly, I still have Splankna counseling in my toolbox when life gets super challenging.) I am so honored that God called me to be a practitioner. He knew I would be so passionate about something that drew me closer to Him and healed me! Splankna changed my life, healed very old wounds, and it has the power to give you hope and change that lasts! Please call me if you want to discuss setting up an appointment. I would love to help you find a deeper relationship with Jesus, true peace and overall health!
Company Name
Live Abundantly 1010, LLC
Job Title
Master Splankna Practitioner
Holistic Health Pracitioner / Ordained Minister / German New Medicine Training
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Appointment Fee
$120 / 90 Minute first session, $95 / 60 minute session after, $45 / Children under 15, $75 / Children 15 to 18
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Certified Listening Splankna?