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Missy Murphy

Council Bluffs
As a Master Splankna Practitioner since 2022, I enjoy encouraging others in their journey towards wholeness! Our entire being is important to God in this life, including our body and soul. I have a passion for helping you discover the truth about your Design and how to live God's dream for your life. I have spent years studying, training and walking out the health journey with my family, thus the Natural Health Consultant certification and background. I know the state of the soul affects the body, thus the Splankna training and tools. Without a healthy connection with God none of this works, thus ministry experience and credentials to best help others inside and outside a church setting, right where they are needing the most support. I love being real with others and tend to live outside the box - having homeschooled and hybrid-schooled our kids, we also started and grew several businesses and straddled part-time ministry roles through our marriage. These have been a few contexts from which to offer valuable, perspective, compassion and understanding. In recent years God continues to connect me with others going through unique situations of trauma, loss and adventure all of which grow our faith and future. I look forward to what God has next and who that includes. ~ Missy
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Designed 4 Wellness, LLC
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Natural Wellness, Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom
Certified Life Coach, Natural Health Consultant, Licensed/Ordained Minister
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