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Jana Clark

Las Cruces
Hello. My name is Jana Clark. I have been a certified Splankna Therapist for 10+ years now. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the Lord and His Word, and I have always been amazed by His brilliant design of the human body. I also began to love to study how He designed the mind and relationships. However, I remember often having the thought, "I do not know how I can try to really help people without addressing the spirit, when that is such an important part of who we are." This therapy incorporates it all! I had gone through many traumas in my own life that I had gone to therapy for, studied, prayed about, and worked hard to heal from; but when I experienced Splankna I was amazed at how I was set free in so many new ways. My husband and I immediately knew it was part of what I was created to do. I absolutely LOVE seeing God heal and restore. I LOVE shining light onto the lies of the enemy and seeing people realize the TRUTH of their identity, value, significance, and potential. This therapy is just one of many methods the Lord can use to bring healing, but it's pretty amazing! It gives our finite brains a place to begin to understand the brilliant design/connection between our mind, body, and spirit. We ALL have stuff we need to release, heal, or grow in. I would love to help this be the year you become more of who you were created to be than ever before! I would love to help you release emotions that you have carried for way too long. For your sake. For your family. For the world around you. For God's Glory!
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Abundant Life Splankna Therapy
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Masters Level Splankna Therapist
12 years Splankna Therapy experience; BA Psychology
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