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Christine Villasenor

Colorado Springs
My start as a young adult was in healing. I was trained in Nuero-muscular Therapy and worked with people to heal pain and discomfort in their body. Throughout the 12 + years in practice I noticed that pain was a pattern very closely related to unhealed and stored emotions in the body. While I loved helping people with their bodies, I realized that for those who were not connected to the deeper issues, they never seemed to heal physically. This sent me on a path to better understand how trauma and life events effect us in a very tangible way. I earned my degree is psychology and then social work and gained a perspective on relational trauma that was new to me. My focus is working with families who are a part of the child welfare system and through this my eyes were opened to a whole new realm of how the enemy is trying to regain territory, that’s already been won, by tearing apart the family system. I believe that the family is a reflection of the heart of God and how He is in relationship with us as His children. When we experience brokenness in our family it shifts our world view and ultimately our ability to trust and relate to our Creator as a loving and good Father. My assignment in this life is to help people heal from relational trauma so that they can experience healthy family which is a natural invitation into relationship with God.
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Relational Trauma. Adoption and Foster care
Adoption/Foster Care/Relational Trauma/Masters in Social Work
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