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Keri Larned

In 2021 I felt led to start learning about inner healing prayer and modalities that help us become more whole so we can fully walk in the freedom Jesus offers us. Over the course of 3 years, I learned, practiced and experienced all types of healing modalities, but none of them felt congruent, nor was it as impactful as Splankna. When I experienced Splankna for myself, I felt changed and experienced freedom in areas I didn't know I needed it. This stirred a passion to dive deeply into understanding and learning the Splankna protocols. Over the last year, I have seen the powerful ways that Splankna brings healing to the body, soul and spirit and the impact it has in changing a person, allowing them to be free from the emotional traumas they have been carrying. My favorite part is seeing an individual really thrive in Splankna when they had previously tried other modalities with little results. The gentleness and great depth this protocol brings to the emotional healing process is the coolest thing I have the honor of facilitating.
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Encounter Coaching
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Splankna Practitioner
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